10 huge graphic design trends to know for 2018

Digital Media is growing at a rapid speed, and with it prospects of graphic designing which is evolving every day as per the demand of the customers whether young or old. Here’s we will check out 10 huge graphic design trends that is going to rock 2018.

1. Vibrant Colours

Yes, bright popping out colours are going to rule the palette but that does not mean that you can use any combination. To stand out in the crowd and yet to be a part of it, you must make a good colour choice and mix with dignified taste.

2. Glitch or Corrupted Images

Something which was detested and hated till few years back, is now a trend and is liked by one and all. So, do not hesitate in using corrupted images as a part of your graphic designing.

3. Contemporary & Geometrical Live Images

Geometrical Live images is yet another technique of graphic designing that is going to record high and be an instant hit as year 2017.

4. Customising Pictures for Graphics

This technique calls for some action, you can free to use available pictures but do it with a twist. For anchoring success, add text and try to give a personalised look for graphic designing in 2018.

5. Responsive Designing

This cannot be overlooked for sure if you want to connect with your end users. Logos, pictures that are you are going to use and even the colour scheme should adapt to all screen size. It should one-website-design for all types of screens.

6. Hand Sketched Design

Graphic Designing saw an exponential rise in the demand of hand sketched images as this gives a personal touch to the website and audience easily relates with the site. It is becoming a huge success and is in high demand.

7. Depth & Gradient is in demand

New trend is not averse to flat concept but there is demand for depth and gradience in colour scheme. Graphics see a good touch up with shadows, colour gradation which adds depth and meaning to a picture.

8. Double Exposure Duotone

Image doubling is being used for graphic designing for quite some time, but this year doubling would be done with duotone. This means images would be overlapped with monochrome colours as base. This gives futuristic feel to designing.

9. Typography

This is an ongoing trend and it would see real life typography, cropped, crocked or jumbled up. Typography is one arena which is forever evolving and brings new touch to designing.

10. Metallic Effects

New Year is going to witness a mix of metallic elements with 3D as well as creative typography. This is essentially done to enhance the composition and give it a real-life feel.

If you wish to know more about graphic design trends in 2018, just drop a line and we would get in touch.

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Sunita Sahay

Sunita has around 15 years of experience in PR and Journalism. She has worked as a social media strategist for India's Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati and was solely responsible for collaborating approximately 400+ stations of All India Radio. Besides that she is a blogger, prepare questions for GMAT, PMP, write Press Releases, articles, poems and last but not the least enjoys editing.

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