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Being a new kid in the block, is a challenge and it is natural to feel lost in the mammoth of activities, especially if discussion is of virtual world. Here, ecommerce websites get launched every few seconds without any full proof plan on the working module for the website. Here are few tips that can assure success for your startup website.

1. Name of the Website

A professional advice should be taken for deciding the name of the website, as too complicated or long or short name, can lead to trouble. End users might find it difficult to recall or type the correct spelling and thus a website is lost before it is born.

2. Usability

Startups mostly struggle to fortify their home page by being attractive, but more than being decorative, it is important to be interactive and call for an action. A professional SEO or web developer would advise, homepage should carry all relevant information as it keep send users engaged.

3. Linking of Social Media Page

This is yet another aspect that must be acknowledged. Merely linking is not enough, links should be placed at a noticeable place on the homepage. Moto should be end user or the potential consumer should be able to share the things they have liked on the home page.

4. User Friendly Navigation

Startups must realize their homepage and website should be easy to understand and should be user friendly. The end user/prospective consumer should be able to navigate through the website with ease. Each feature must be highlighted and should be responsive at the click of the mouse.

5. Loading Time & Responsive

Several surveys have showed that many a times, a startup website or even an established one loses a good percentage of their clientele because of slow uploading. A website must be fast and should be responsive to different types of screen size. In present times, end users prefer browsing through their smart phones/ tablets/ notebook, interestingly use of computer or laptop has come down. So, a website should adapt itself with the size of the screen.

These are definitely not an exhaustive list but are few important points which can help a startup score good with the help of a professional web developer. If you wish to hear more and if you liked the content of the blog, please share and leave a comment in the box below.

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Sunita Sahay

Sunita has around 15 years of experience in PR and Journalism. She has worked as a social media strategist for India's Public Service Broadcaster Prasar Bharati and was solely responsible for collaborating approximately 400+ stations of All India Radio. Besides that she is a blogger, prepare questions for GMAT, PMP, write Press Releases, articles, poems and last but not the least enjoys editing.

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