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Why Digital Marketing is a Success Mantra?

Digital Marketing has given a completely new swing to marketing. The whole game plan has changed, this new genre of marketing demands subtlety alongwith authenticated content. It is like instant noodles, as, it immediately strikes a chord with the end users.

Talk about politics, product launch, movie promotion, individual promotion or floating a new idea; digital marketing can give a shape and help you reach the target audience in a jiffy. To understand how in a short span of time, it has become a success mantra, let us evaluate couple of case studies.

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  1. Obama Campaign: In the year 2007, the Obama campaign strategically mixed social networking, emailers and display advertisements to generate awareness and start a dialogue with the constituency. It surely helped Obama and he was able arouse interest in himself and drive home his point.
  2. Manikarnika: Recently, producers of Bollywood movie ‘Manikarnika’ that was to be launched on the Republic Day of India was in a fix, because there was no scope for reviews on the following day as newspaper offices were closed. Producers took to social media and with the help of smart digital marketing campaign, they worked upon Instagram stories, whatsapp messages and created enough ripple around the movie to convince viewers to visit the nearest cinema hall on the Sunday that followed the Republic Day holiday.
  3. Face App Old Age Filter: When the Face App was launched, it instantly became a hit with the social media lovers. People all over the world were engaged in checking their looks as it showed your old age photo. This popularity was creatively used by several companies to promote their products and drove home the message vividly as Berger Paints which showed the difference in house now and in future; Fevicol and many others used it to their advantage.
  4. #MeToo: Hashtag MeToo was also a campaign. The stories, sudden openness by celebrities and support that they received made it a success and helped many to come up with their hidden trauma. They were actually not scared to share and point fingers at their tormentors because they knew the world is with them. It became a rage and world accepted it with an open hand. This is the power of Digital Marketing.
  5. #WohEkBaat: is an Indian matrimonial website which has its presence in several countries including Pakistan and UK. To increase its data base, they started a campaign #WohEkBaat, where couples were encouraged to share one common thing among them. This was also endorsed by TV Stars and they invited followers to share their #WohEkBaat. The impact of the campaign was such that it increased the traffic by 5%.

Digital Marketing is all about thorough planning, it is here to stay as the target audience connect with online stories. An overview of the above case studies, makes one thing very clear, we need to understand the trend and have an idea about what is garnering more traffic. Interest of the users help in creating better promotional stories. Digital Marketing will only turn into a success mantra, if content is rich and innovative. Online medium requires novelty and to grow high on SEO search engine, consistency must be maintained with great story line for the content that you want to float. Then as they ‘rest is history!’

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